BLUE TRUSTRADE LTD specializes exclusively in the area of the the international export trade of agri-food products.

Τhe company is based in a private office building situated in Chalandri , Greece, about 10 kilometres from the center of Athens.

The company carefully selects all traded products from a large network of cooperating producers and ensures their exclusive distribution in foreign countries. We emphasize products distinguished by high nutritional value and excellent manufacturing and standardization characteristics.

It uses its own international registered trade mark BLUE TRUST TASTE SELECTED GREEK PRODUCTS with the Application’s Number : 017868336 of the EUIPO, to promote and advertise the single selected products in foreign markets.

International awards and tasting certificates, as well as the use of modern production units and traditionally employed producers, rank Greek agri-food goods among the highest in consumer preference worldwide.

The consistency of our company’s words and deeds has established complete trust , both from our suppliers-producers throughout Greece, and from our international wholesale-import clients.

We market and transport the following categories of products:

  1. Olive oil, as well as a variety of olive products
  2. Table olives
  3. Traditional Greek salads
  4. Honey products and Greek sweet preserves
  5. Vinegar
  6. Fresh and canned fruits and fruit juices
  7. Truffle products and mushroom
  8. Snails
  9. Cheeses
  10. Frozen seafood and fish products
  11. Mineral and natural water
  12. Wines and spirits
  13. Kinds of gifts
  14. Olive and other plant pomace for use in producing energy

Τα προϊόντα, τα οποία εμπορεύεται και διακινεί η εταιρεία μας είναι ανά κατηγορία:

  1. Ελαιόλαδο & διάφορα προϊόντα ελαίου
  2. Επιτραπέζιες ελιές
  3. Ελληνικές παραδοσιακές σαλάτες
  4. Προϊόντα μελιού & γλυκά κουταλιού
  5. Ξίδι
  6. Νωπά φρούτα, κονσέρβες φρούτων & χυμοί φρούτων
  7. Προϊόντα τρούφας & μανιταριών
  1. Σαλιγκάρια
  2. Τυροκομικά
  3. Κατεψυγμένα ιχθυερά & προϊόντα ψαριών
  4. Μεταλλικό φυσικό νερό
  5. Οινοπνευματώδη ποτά
  6. Είδη δώρου
  7. Ελαιοπυρήνας & λοιπά υπολείμματα φυτικών προϊόντων για την παραγωγή ενέργειας