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Greek Snails

The snail is a very important export product with a huge nutritional and therapeutic value. Thanks to their strong antioxidant properties , a frequent consumption of snails protects against heart disease and contributes toward the normal functioning of the thyroid gland and the immune system. At the same time, the fat of snails is particularly effective as it provides the body with omega-3 fatty acids, considered to be essential nutrients for the human body. Also, snails’ meat is a unique source of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, and sodium. And the beneficial properties continue! Snails have few calories, are suitable for diabetics, and are an important dietary source of vitamins; they contain niacin, which has a beneficial effect on the nervous and cardiovascular systems.
In the past, bringing these fine dishes to our table required a cleaning process that was quite difficult and time-consuming. Now, you can follow your favorite recipes and enjoy snails easily, directly, and with safety. Our products are already cleaned, health- and veterinary-checked in accordance with European legislation; they are offered fresh or frozen and standardized with or without the shell, as a ready-made meal with no preservatives.