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TENTOURA KASTRO is the only one that contains 100% natural extracts of spices and fruits, mainly cinnamon and clove, but also nutmeg, citrus, mastic of Chios etc. The use of 100% natural extracts is the one that gave excellent quality and SPECIALTY to T as well as the other spirits and liqueurs we produce.

In addition, regarding the natural extracts and essential oils of cinnamon and mastic of Chios that it contains, laboratory (in vitro) studies of the Democritus University of Thrace, in collaboration with our distillery, showed that they have antioxidant and anti-cancer action, within the research project " biologically active essential oils in the production of alcoholic beverages and confectionery products with potential health benefits ".

Today, TENTOURA KASTRO is the most characteristic product of Patras. It is a classic value and is drunk everywhere: in the restaurant after the meal, in the bar and in the café plain, with ice or in cocktails with brandy, tsipouro, mastic or even with red fruit juices. You can enjoy a shot of plain or with sour cream and grated cinnamon or add it to your hot drinks, giving them a special, aromatic, spicy taste.

The label, the box and in general the artistic curation in TENTOURA KASTRO bear the signature of the painter Efthalia Katsigianni.

TENTOURA KASTRO, as the main product of our distillery, was the inspiration for excellent products such as: TENTOURA KASTRO with Sour cherry and TENTOURA KASTRO SEMI-SWEET.

In 2007 we innovate, introducing to the market the first black Turkish delight, the Turkish delight, but also the dry delicacy and the Turkish syrup.

In 2013 TENTOURA KASTRO acquires the title of the official authentic product of the Patras Carnival for the year 2013.

In 2015 we present the improved product TENTOURA KASTRO with MASTIC, one of the products that emerged during the scientific research project that we carried out in collaboration with the Democritus University of Thrace.

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